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Howdy, I'm Zoe, a product designer based in Austin, TX. 

My Approach

I'm passionate about transforming ideas into accessible, user-centric products. With a background in graphic design and a strong foundation in UX design principles, I have honed my ability to craft visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that resonate with users.

Creative Roots

My first foray into the design world happened when I worked as a teaching assistant at a school that serves children with language-based learning differences. After helping the director redesign the school website, I decided to dive into a design career, which led me to my time working as a social media specialist and graphic designer at GoDaddy. 

Transition to Product Design

At GoDaddy, I helped hundreds of businesses promote their brands and engage with their customers on social media by creating scroll-stopping graphic designs and writing creative copy. While I loved creating posts that connected business goals to consumer needs, I wanted to challenge my design and creative problem-solving abilities. After working on a project with a product designer at GoDaddy and seeing the positive impact that it had on users, I quickly realized that product design was the challenge I was looking for.

Outside of Design

When I’m not creating eye-catching and engaging designs, I love spending time outdoors – whether it’s running around Lady Bird Lake, hiking on the Green Belt, or swimming in Lake Austin. When the unpredictable Texas weather keeps me indoors, I love trying new recipes, drawing cool architecture, and designing T-shirts, stickers, and totes.


For more details about my past work experience, click the "Resume" button on the top navigation bar.

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